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Ethical Hacking in Urdu Hindi

Hacking attempts used to be very rare a decade ago, but since Internet has grown up and growing every single day. Therefore, Website Security has become an essential part of web development and web applications. Every web developer today needs to be aware of security challenges, and therefore, one of our new instructors “Noman Ramzan” took responsibility of it and has created a complete course on “Website Security & Ethical Hacking“, this course will teach you how you can secure your website from hacking attacks, how you can secure your databases, how you can secure your Facebook account and email accounts. There are also tips to secure your PC, but at the same time, this course teaches you to become a security researcher and ethical hacker. This is only for educational purpose and for doing white-hat activities in the web security field. Our instructor has explained everything with details showing you practical examples using white-hat techniques.

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