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Free download AlterCam 3.8

Are you tired of every video feed looking the same? Wish that you could change the way your webcam videos appear? Now you can! Alter-cam lets you add lots of cool visual effects to any Live webcam feed in real-time. Capable of handling D resolutions, AlterCam is ready to help you edit everything from one-on-one video chats to large conference room meetings. Whether you’re Skying from a laptop or video conferencing over your PC, AlterCam helps you customize your video presentations.


  • 50+ of live effects for the webcam
  • Add images over and under your video
  • Change voice in real-time
  • Capture webcam stream to the video file
  • Broadcast any video file to webcam
  • Add any text overlays
  • Support of HD video resolution
  • Desktop broadcasting (with or without webcam video)
  • Use GPU acceleration for less CPU usage
  • Splitting webcam video to several programs

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