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Free download Valentina Studio 8.0.1

Valentina Studio is a free multi-connection Database Administration tool that allows you to connect to PostgreSQL, Valentina Server and mySQL and work with local database files of Valentina DB and SQLite.


  • Manage multiple databases in tabs and dockable views
  • Create/Drop/Alter/Browse Tables, Fields, Indexes, Triggers, Constraints, Links, Views, Stored Procedures, Properties, Sequences, Types,…
  • Edit properties of multiple objects at the same time
  • Drill down to tables and fields; incredible fast searching
  • Reverse engineering and create diagrams for existing databases. Add new objects to diagrams.


  • Add/drop users, groups, manage privileges
  • Watch live logs, run diagnostics


  • Write SQL queries with auto-completion, color syntax
  • Define, manage, save favorite queries; access recent queries
  • Function browser dictionary of each function
  • Consoles for errors, warnings, performance
  • Search, Export result records into CSV, JSON, Excel


  • Diagnose, compress, clone, defragment, reindex and dump data
  • Remotely Register/unregister databases
  • Create/Alter Schedule events

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