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Nature Sounds APK

Download Free  Nature Sounds APK Close your eyes, relax and rest with The Nature Sounds: Relax and Sleep.

Sleep better and deeper, wake up in the morning fresh and relaxed.
Amazing nature sounds and photos for relaxation, sleep, meditate, concentrate, rading and study or if you have problems with insomnia.

The application can run in the background or when screen is off by playing only the nature sounds.
The timer program will allow you to fall asleep with the sounds of nature without having to turn off the application.

The application Nature Sounds: Relax and Sleep includes a variety of sounds: birds songs, wind, water, forest, rain, sea sounds with white noise.

◊ App Features:

● Natural and real high-quality nature sounds,
● Support 35 languages,
● Full-screen images of landscapes in HD resolution,
● The ability to set nature sounds ringtones,
● The ability to run app in background,
● All relaxing sounds are available offline.

If you have an idea to make Nature Sounds even better, please do not hestitate to contact us! All ideas and suggestions are welcome.
Email: android.dream.studio@gmail.com

Try it now and get ready for a super experience with Nature Sounds!


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