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Youtube Secrets Ranking Factors Youtube Videos

How hard can that be? The average  smartphone today has video capability. Or buy a webcam – it doesn’t cost that much. Plus, almost all laptops have one. Video content creation has never been this easy. Why should you start bothering to create videos to penetrate the YouTube search market?

Here are some statistics to start with:

  •  3.7 Billion Youtube searches per day as of March 2010 according to comScore
  • 48 Hours worth of Video uploaded every minute on May 2011
  • More than 3 Billion views every day
  • 13 million hours worth of video uploaded in 2010 alone
  • 700 billion video playbacks in 2010
  • Youtube owns 10% of the entire Internet Traffic

Applying SEO to your Youtube Video

There are two categories in YouTube ranking factors. There’s your Video Content and then there’s your User Engagement. These two things make up pretty much most of your Youtube SEO. You see, Youtube’s search engine does not work like how Google does. Youtube’s search engine cannot directly tell if your keywords are inside the video. It cannot directly tell if your video is relevant to the tags you put in. So what exactly does it use to know which videos rank first?

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